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Greenbelt Home Care

Hardin County Public Health

Greenbelt Home Care contracts with the Hardin County Board of Health to provide Public Health services to Hardin County.

 School Immunization Audits

Our Public Health Nurse is responsible for performing audits of immunization records during the fall for all licensed child care centers, elementary and secondary schools in Hardin County.


Hardin County Public Health contracts with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) to provide vaccine through their Vaccine for Children Program.  Hardin County Public Health is enrolled in Iowa Immunization Registry System (IRIS), which is a secure statewide database of immunization histories.  Hardin County Public Health also holds many flu clinics throughout the fall months at local banks, businesses, schools, and more to ensure all get the necessary flu vaccination.  For more information on Immunizations, please contact Rachel at 641-939-8444.

 Communicable and Foodborne Diseases

Our Public Health Nurse is responsible for tracking, investigating, testing and treating communicable diseases and food borne illnesses in Hardin County.

Cancer Screening

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (also known as Care for Yourself) coordinates screening and treatment for persons in need of breast and cervical cancer health services to eligible women.  Eligibility is determined based on symptoms, age, income, and whether or not insurance is available to the patient.  For more information please call Rocky at 641-939-8444.

Tobacco Cessation

Are you or someone you care about a tobacco user? Whether you want to quit today, only want information, or you have already quit and need some extra support, Quitline Iowa is here to help you.  Smokers using free Quitline Iowa phone coaching are 4 times more likely to succeed in quitting.

Call today at 800-QUITNOW (800-784-8669) or visit the website.

 Academic Partnerships

Hardin County Public Health collaborates with the students of Ellsworth Community College, University of Iowa and Iowa State University regarding internships and nursing observation for completion of Community Health hours.  Contact us at 641-939-8444 for more information.