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Greenbelt Home Care

Your Rights

As a client of Greenbelt Home Care you have rights that we honor and hold sacred. We respect our clients, and encourage you to take an active part in your care.

You have the right to excellent care.

We will provide services in accordance with your physician’s orders; we will provide access to a full range of medical and personal cares as needed.

You have the right to be informed.

We will educate you about the treatments or procedures you receive; we will communicate in a language or form you can understand; we will give you information about costs and payments, including Medicare, Medicaid and VA.

You have the right to self-determination.

We will involve you in your care planning.

You have the right to privacy.

We will guard your health information; we will treat you with respect; we will protect your safety and security.

You have the right to complain.

We will listen and respond to your grievances.  Please call Julie Towne at 641-939-8444 with any complaints.

Please click the images below for a detailed description of Client and Privacy Rights.

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